• About Me

    I am a developer, podcast producer, book author, blogger, and open source advocate, who started his professional career in 2005.


    I have been Microsoft MVP (ASP.NET/IIS) since 2012.


    Twitter @lextm

    Stack Overflow @Lex Li

    GitHub @lextm

    Blog https://blog.lextudio.com

    LinkedIn @Lex Li

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  • Projects

    Commercial or open source projects backed by the creator or active maintainer.

    #SNMP Pro and Library

    Complete SNMP solution on .NET/Mono/Xamarin.

    #SNMP was started in early 2008, and grows from a small library to a full suite of components for various SNMP areas, including message processing, MIB document compilation, agent framework, manager framework.


    The open source edition has been used in many free and commercial projects and proved to be reliable and easy-to-use.


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    reStructuredText for Visual Studio Code

    Code editor extension for better documentation.

    reStructuredText is a great way to author documentation for technology products. It has been widely used by famous projects, such as Python.


    reStructuredText extension for Visual Studio Code enables great documentation authoring experience with syntax highlighting, code snippets, and (most importantly) live preview.


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    Jexus Manager

    Unified Management Console for Jexus, IIS, and IIS Express.

    Jexus Manager is an easy-to-use management console designed for Jexus web server initially.


    Soon it gains capabilities to manage IIS Express and IIS. Itself can run on multiple platforms, so that remotely managing your web server is no more a complex task to switch among different tools.


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    Simplest and open source obfuscation tool for .NET.

    Obfuscar is a simple obfuscator for .NET assemblies. It uses massive overloading to rename metadata in .NET assemblies (including the names of methods, properties, events, fields, types and namespaces) to a minimal set, distinguishable in most cases only by signature.


    I took over this project in 2013 and has successfully used it in projects such as #SNMP Pro.


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    DockPanel Suite

    Free and powerful docking library for WinForms.

    DockPanel Suite is a Visual Studio inspired docking library for .NET WinForms, which has been popular for many years.


    I took over this project in 2012 along with Ryan Rastedt. Various patches have been applied and Visual Studio 2012.2013/2015 themes have been added to enrich user experience.


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    PHP Manager 2 for IIS

    Powerful IIS Manager extension for PHP.

    PHP Manager for IIS was invented by Ruslan Yakushev in 2010, and significantly simplifies the steps needed to configure PHP on Windows/IIS platforms.


    Lex took over this project in 2018. Various issues have been fixed and a new 2.0 release was published in August.


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  • Ping me

    Details on support services are documented separately.


    Inquiries on services below are welcome. You can also write directly to [email protected] if you prefer.

  • Books in Chinese

    Technology history series I wrote about .NET and Borland.

    .NET Legend

    This book covers the history of .NET ecosystem evolution in the past twenty years. Important product releases, people, and stories behind the scenes walk you through the happy and bitter moments, and in the meantime give you a chance to review the paradigm shift and its impact on the modern platforms such as .NET Core.


    It does not require much technical background to read this book. However, if you happen to use .NET/Mono/Xamarin platforms in your daily life, this book can be a good companion in your adventure.

    Borland Legend More

    Gordon Li wrote a Chinese book on the history of the Borland Corporation, which was popular in China and Taiwan.


    This book follows a similar story telling style, and focuses on the latest product releases and stories about Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero.


    You can read it to learn how a famous programming platform like Delphi went down from the pedestal and into the wild, while other technologies became rise of the tide.

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